The UW Army ROTC program is one of the oldest and best in the country. However, additional support is needed for it to reach its full potential.


Better funding would help:

  • Recruit and support the best cadets

  • Provide additional professional and leadership development opportunities

  • Connect alumni

  • Showcase UW Army ROTC history


Join us in improving the UW Army ROTC program and investing in our future leaders. Consider donating today to the 'UW Army ROTC Operational Fund' by clicking the button at the top. The Fund is managed by UW and 100% of our donations go to the UW Army ROTC program.


These UW Cadets, these young men and women who follow in our footsteps, have answered the call to service in a very demanding and tumultuous environment. We’ve never asked so much from a volunteer force. Let’s invest in the future leaders of our Army. We cannot afford to do otherwise. Our nation and our military not only deserve great leadership, but demand it.
— General (Ret) Peter W. Chiarelli, UW Army ROTC Honorary Alum


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